Spend quality time with Jay and other transformationalists for a special 24 week program.
Do you feel STUCK in your everyday life? Feel like your life is slowly passing you by? Do you feel like your dreams are slipping farther and farther away?
Transformation will help you get back on track.
This program gives you access and mentoring from Jay Billig and other transformationalists for 24 weeks as they help you take your life to the next level.
Transforming You includes direct access phone calls, a curriculum that includes audio and videos, materials to help record your journey and to help you keep an eye on your goals before, during, and after the 24 week experience.
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Why "Transforming You" Will Fast Track Your Path to Reaching Your Goals - Personal or Professional - in as little as 24 Weeks
Attention from & access to transformationalists that will help you focus on your goals. 
Helping you manage your time better so you can focus on your most important goals.
Real advice on creating an actionable path to becoming the person you want to be
Achieve a paradigm shift - the biggest obstacle standing between you and your goals
Transforming You includes:
  •  Direct Access Phone Calls with Jay Billig & other transformationalists to give you the personal attention you need to identify your needs & obstacles and to create a personalized path towards your goals. 
  •  A Curriculum that Includes Audio, Video & Written Materials to help guide you through the transformation process.
  •  Materials to help record your journey and to help you keep an eye on your goals before, during, and after the 24-week experience.
"As a dedicated student and teacher of universal principle, Jay is the real deal. If you want to transform your life with a steady guide, give yourself the gift and journey with Jay Billig – you’ll be glad you did! "

- Kirsten Welles , Master Coach with Mary Morrissey, Founding Member and Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School

Why Trust Jay Billig
Jay Billig is an entrepreneur, life coach, mentor and international best-selling author. 

Over 20 years ago, Jay was living paycheck to paycheck while working temp jobs. Unsatisfied with his quality of life, Jay realized he needed to make a change. But he knew  it would require more than a simple job  change;  he would need to make a mindshift change. 

Jay began to practice daily exercises that slowly broke down the mental barriers he had unintentionally built up over the years. Slowly, but surely, he was able to "reprogram his mind" for success and have major paradigm shifts. Using the power of manifestation,  Jay was able to become the architect of his life and is currently living his best life yet!

Today he's a proud business owner owning and restoring iconic Texas properties, founder of New Thought Forum, mentor, international best-selling author, and father to his two children. 

He's had the honor to work with with many speakers and leaders from around the world including legendary motivational speaker and success coach, Bob Proctor.

His goal has now shifted to helping others unlock their true potential using the same techniques and strategies he's applied in his life.

See how Jay can help YOU attract the life you've always dreamed of as his protege.  
How to Sign Up
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