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Did you wake up feeling stuck this morning or like your life has been on autopilot? There may be a spot with your name on it for personal mentorship with Jay that is customized to meet your needs for short term and long term support in your transformation. Limited spots available.
Join an amazing group of people who, like you, want to reach their full potential. Transformation will help you achieve more and reach your goals faster.  Working with others is a great way to get help taking your life to the next level.

Are you reaching your full potential? Sometimes all you need is a little help to refocus on your goals. Sign up to spend quality time with Jay and other transformationalists for a special 24 week program to ramp up your effectiveness and manifestation.
"As a dedicated student and teacher of universal principle, Jay is the real deal when it comes to being tuned in to way the universe works and he shows others in a way that is both curious and challenging in order to help them create lives they absolutely love living. 

So, what’s your highest vision for yourself? If you want to transform your life with a steady guide, give yourself the gift and journey with Jay Billig – you’ll be glad you did! "

  - Kirsten Welles , Master Coach with Mary Morrissey, Founding Member and Fellow at the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School

The 12-Step Formula for Manifesting Your Dream Life
Discover how to multiply your results over and over again by reprogramming your mind for success.