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Through webinars, group conference calls, masterminds, and live events, New Thought Forum features thought leaders from all over the world that specialize in personal and spiritual growth, holistic living, science-spirit convergence... everything you need to make your own dreams a reality.

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The thing always happens that you really believe in;
and the belief in a thing makes it happen.  Frank Lloyd Wright

Meet Jay
If You Can Think It, You Can Make It Happen!
Jay Billig is an International Bestselling author, teacher, mentor and coach who has been inspiring people to dream big and creatively transform their own lives for over 20 years. To read more, click here.
"Doing beautiful things is its own reward."

Architect of Being is designed to help you discover a fuller view of yourself through understanding the laws of existence and easy action tools to manifest prosperity in all areas of your life. It puts you behind the drafting pen, transforming your inner fabric and turning your wildest dreams into your everyday happiness. Read more, click here.

Is my life pre-determined? Is it based on circumstance or where I was born? Does my family or cultural heritage have anything to do with it?

Absolutely not! The keys to mastering one’s life is a raised awareness as to what active part you play in it. Each of us controls our destiny and we can live the life of our dreams. The way to do it is to decide exactly what you would really love to do then mustering the courage to do it.

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