Entrepreneur, Author, Mentor, Father
Jay Billig is the founder of New Thought Forum, an International Bestselling author, mentor and coach who has been inspiring people to dream big and creatively transform their own lives for over 20 years. His thinking as a transformationalist has been there his whole life in one form or another: from developing a series of convertible tables out of simple concrete pavers and wood boards to transforming the least appealing buildings into masterpieces. After attending The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, without graduating, he decided to follow his desire for service and move to Austin, Texas, where he learned from seasoned leaders – and taught himself – what he needed to be a successful entrepreneur in residential building, architectural design and real estate investment. He spent over two decades helping people transform their lives by transforming their spaces. This has evolved into his passion for helping people to see themselves as transformationalists as well. Jay’s unique gift is that he seamlessly blends science, spirituality and practical tools to help individuals and organizations transform the space within themselves so that their presence in the world is transformed. Born in Little Falls, MN into an eclectic clan of thirteen siblings, Jay’s personal path of transformation is ongoing and his love of learning is a constant companion. Jay, his partner, and their five children, are citizens of the earth, with a particular fondness for Austin, Texas.
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